Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Most places where an injury occurs, insurance is there to protect the wrongdoer. The insurance company representing the wrongdoer will try to contact you in an attempt to destroy your case before it has even begun. DO NOT talk to anyone from the insurance company for the negligent party, or give a statement, recorded or otherwise, without first consulting with one of our attorneys. Our firm should be there to protect you from talking to the insurance representatives, and to prevent them from having any contact with you or anyone that could potentially harm your claim. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you by the insurance company.

In light of the problems that can arise early on in these types of cases, the injured party, or someone on their behalf, should call our office immediately and without delay. This will allow us the best opportunity to obtain the facts, determine the injuries sustained, and allow us to set in motion any and all investigation or research necessary to protect and preserve your claim. Taking these steps, at the earliest point possible, will allow you the best opportunity to obtain the greatest amount of money for your claim.

Our phone number is 312-460-8888, we look forward to hearing from you.